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BQ24080 描述

The BQ24080 and BQ24081 are highly integrated and flexible Li-Ion linear charge devices targeted at space-limited charger applications. BQ24080 offer an integrated power FET and current sensor, high-accuracy current and voltage regulation, charge status, and charge termination, in a single monolithic device. BQ24080 An external resistor sets the magnitude of the charge current. TheBQ24080  charges the battery in three phases: conditioning, constant current, and constant voltage. Charge is terminated based on minimum current. BQ24080 An internal charge timer provides a backup safety for charge termination. The BQ24080 automatically restarts the charge if the battery voltage falls below an internal threshold. The BQ24080 automatically enters sleep mode when the ac adapter is removed

  BQ24080 BQ24081 BQ24083
# Series Cells 1   1   1  
Charge Current(Max)(A) 1   1   1  
Charge Status Outputs 2   2   2  
Control Topology Linear   Linear   Linear  
Primary Charge Termination Method Minimum Current   Minimum Current   Minimum Current  
Pin/Package 10SON   10SON   10SON  
Vin(Max)(V) 7   7   7  
Battery Charge Voltage(V) 4.2   4.2   4.06,4.2  
Optional Functions /PG,/CE   /TE,TS    

BQ24080 特性
  • BQ24080 Integrated Power FET and Current Sensor for Up to 1-A Charge Applications From AC Adapter
  • BQ24080 Precharge Conditioning With Safety Timer
  • BQ24080 Charge and Power-Good Status Output
  • BQ24080 Automatic Sleep Mode for Low Power Consumption
  • BQ24080 Integrated Charge-Current Monitor
  • BQ24080 Fixed 7-Hour Fast Charge Safety Timer
  • BQ24080 Ideal for Low-Dropout Charger Designs for Single-Cell Li-Ion or Li-Pol Packs in Space-Limited Portable Applications
  • BQ24080 Small 3-mm × 3-mm SON Package
    • PDAs, MP3 Players
    • Digital Cameras
    • Internet Appliances
    • Smartphones


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